The Sky Is The Future

A study of Skyscrapers influenced by the identity of Dubai
Produced with the help of Midjourney AI, 2023

From my trip to Dubai in 2022, I remember the striking beauty of the High-Rise. The city is famous for its stunning architecture of slim Skyscrapers connecting the deserts and the skies, the waters and the skies . No other typology has been more significant than those giants that shine like gold in the sunset.
The icon of the city was expensive to build, an effort of many years of development which is still ongoing. Knowledge from all over the world was used to raise those structures.
My proposal pays homage to the identity of the city and its main technological achievement: The Skyscraper.
From my trip, I remember the smart flexibility of interior spaces that host a mixture of functions inside the same tower: Residential, Office, Hotel and Leisure activities. Levels sometimes up to 500 sqm are mixed and remixed thanks to high performance structural systems and facade elements.
That’s why my approach for this competition is coming from the outside towards the inside. Showing facades from the perspective of the city rather than interior spaces.
Harmony is achieved throughout this dialog between the city and interiors. And the main element of dialog in this case is the facade. Thus, the facade seen from the outside becomes the main element of the interior space.
It is the facade that speaks about the expandability of interiors. The performance of the facade speaks of advanced structural technology used inside a tower.
The facade is the tool for creating identity, playful and creative, defines new values and emerging design innovations. Diversity in facade variation can suggest the diversified culture of Dubai.
The Skyscraper typology is genius in terms of sustainability. Compact living reduces sprawl, reduces carbon footprint by minimizing traffic. Large buildings create and sustain communities of neighbors that live, work and play in a vertical micro-city.
Those designs on those boards are just a few examples from my work in progress collection, produced with the help of Artificial Intelligence.