Numerous vestiges can be seen along the abrupt slopes of Montesanto. On the peak, at an altitude of +780m, stands The Castle. Two other historic monuments are right below: St. Mary’s Chapel and The Cistern (+760m). At the base of the stunning fortifications stand St. Michael´s Chapel (+725m) and St. John’s Chapel(+720m). Here, the existing path forks with a new branch which slopes towards a barely visible destination. A roof peak, cladded in wood, stands out at +710 altitude. From this distance the new building might appear as a simple barn, integrated within the rural scenery.

As the path descends towards its entrance the visitors step on a broad deck (+706m) cantilevering over the rocky slopes. From here, a panoramic view unfolds towards Barreiro and the surrounding villages in far distance. One skylight window punctuates the seamless surface of the deck. The entrance to the History Chamber is right in front of it, with the exhibits already visible behind large glass walls. To find out more about what lies below, the visitors must descend a few narrow steps. As their eyes accommodate to the shaded surroundings they distinguish a rough granite wall: the core of Montesanto. In front they see a fountain, on their left, a beam of light coming from above.