Adelaide Community Hub 


My proposal for Adelaide Community Hub gathers in a building of 5000sqm several spaces for cultural events. The ground floor, which is freely accessible, hosts two wide stairs serving as small amphitheaters for street performances. There is a setback from the East neighbor building creating a narrow courtyard which may be occupied with tables. Below the stairs there is a small buffet and an info point with ticket sales. Access to the gallery and shop area on the second level is unrestricted, with the exception of two lecture rooms.

The main space of the building, the Great Hall has its access on the third level. It may be reached with the main escalator or by elevator or regular stairs. It has capacity of 286 seats for audience and it may be used for theatre or movie projections. The hall is equipped with large acoustic curtains on the sides, which may be closed or opened, exposing the inside to the city and signaling events. Theatre plays may run with the curtains open integrating the view towards the surroundings in the scenography. The stage lights might reflect in the glass facades of the nearby buildings amplifying the effect of the shows. The lobby area of the great hall has an outdoor terrace oriented towards Franklin Street. 

The next level above the Great Hall hosts in one half the administration area and in the other half two workshops. The workshops may be used for art and craft activities. On the last level there is a wide outdoor terrace with an extra performance space. Food and drinks can be prepared and served from the kitchen.