Office Building for “ADIDAS World of Sports” Campus

Designed together with Atelier Zundel Cristea for Adidas Group

Adidas “free your mind” will help people disconnect from routine by making room for a wide range of activities in which the occupants can get involved. It will also attract other sport lovers from outside. This mix of uses and activities will encourage creativity and it will bring closer the creators of sport wears with the athletes. A gross box-shaped volume was exploded into 4 separate volumes with large visibility gaps towards the surroundings.

The upper floors are organized into 11 organizational clusters linked by two halls. On the ground floor the building has a public oriented program. Several secondary accesses are placed on all facades. The ground floor hosts the following: Main access on the South West corner, art gallery, bistro, etc. Main access located on the South West will connect the building with the campus and the main southern access road. 

There are three main levels with other three secondary ones in between. The secondary ones are detached from the facade to create double height spaces.

On the lower part, a skate pool with an area of 680m² completes this trail making the building an attraction for the skateboard fans. The skatepark (with a direct but controlled access) can provide the building with activity during weekends and holidays or even late at night. It can host events which will help promote the adidas brand and an alternative working environment. Total ground level area: 11400m². 

Main orientation is on the Est-West direction with the long facade facing South; This direction is optimal for an office building, in relation with the natural light. The main atrium will provide good levels of natural light for the inner spaces. 

The building follows an 8.1m grid. The circulation cores composed of lifts and stairs closed in fireproof glass preserve the maximum transparency.

The ETFE roof, with integrated auto - cleaning and sunshaders will protect the underneath space. 

The building is surrounded by a surreal landscape design composed of large green hills, which gradually increase in height when approaching the building. 

The attraction of the inner atrium is a central slow circulation, like a promenade through various sport related activities supported by it. The ground level,hosts a skate-park which can bring an urban character. Several “Play Spaces” can be integrated along the sinuous path of the central circulation. Trampolines can be fitted in between the horizontal sections of the ramp, transforming it into an iconic support for recreation and relaxation. Seen from above and below, resembles a human figure, gives a specific identity to the building. 

Structurally the ramp functions as a spatial lattice girder, with the metallic structure hidden underneath the wooden panels. It is hanged by the slabs of the building in six points. Another main role of this slow circulation device is to link the all eleven organizational clusters both horizontally and vertically, connecting also the entrance area with the in between terraces situated above.

- site area(37,510m² ground area)

- administrative building estimated construction costs € 1,700 per m² 

- office area: 60% conventional workplaces, 40% work facilities 

- 46,400 m² gfa, 2,000 employees 

- Max Height 26m-24m (around 6 levels) 

- no rear facade 

- main access from the south 

- supplies will be delivered from the east