The Sky Is The Future, Dubai

The Layercake, Amsterdam

The Bridge Warsaw with UNS

Echo TU Delft with UNS

The Lanai, London

Nature Retreat - A catalog of small houses

Challenge Museum with UNS

Dallas, Connected City

Montesanto, Spain

Adelaide Community Hub

Lamborghini Inner Gardens

The Great Outdoors

Copenhagen Waterfront Library

Extroverted Klostergarden

Cloud Market

Sola Town Hall

ADIDAS World of Sports with AZC

W.H.O. Bulding with AZC

Rheinfelden  Bridge with AZC

Weaving Architecture Workshop

Floating Passage

Umbrella Facade with 3Gatti

Ola Pavilion

Program Distribution Toolkit

Virada Digital Inflatable with AMB

Zužemberk Pavilion

Taiwan Tower with DSBA+

High Lung